Kansas City Art Institute Summer Programs

Kansas City Art Institute

Kansas City Art institute was established in 1885. The main aim of this University is to be a leader in Visual Arts and Design education. This Institute is located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. This University offers majors in Different Schools. It has four Schools like School Of Design and Electronic Arts, School of the Foundation year, School of Liberal Arts and School of Fine Arts.

School of the Foundation Year

Kansas City Art Institute School of the Foundation Year helps to explore fundamental concepts and skills through powerful work studio. You will also get an opportunity to learn new strategies and respect for materials, Process and Quality. The main concentration areas throughout the semester are “Woodshop toolbox”, “Coloring Book” and Visual Symposia”.

School of Liberal Arts

Kansas City Art Institute School of Arts gives a helping hand to the students to enhance the work of the majors. In this school you can choose many topics which ensure that they are exposed to a range of topics like Western Thought, History, Philosophy, Science, Literature and Social Science. This school offers majors in Art History and Creative writing.

Art History – This program helps to activate critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and investigation, research and Analysis between liberal Arts and Studio Disciplines.

Studio Art in Creative Writing- This program is interdisciplinary and multi-contextual nature housed and this is the strength of this program.

School of Design and Electronic Arts

Kansas City of Art Institute School of Design and Electronic Arts main focus area is visual problem solving and to prepare students to make their career in the emerging media and Client-driven need. This program helps students to tell stories or communicate ideas with the use of Photography, Drawing, typography, three dimensional form or writing. School of Design and Electronic Arts offers majors in Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography.

School of Fine Arts

Kansas City of Art Institute School of Arts helps students to develop highly creative skills, Knowledge and Values as these will help you in making their as a professional artist. This School main attention is the tradition of Self expression and it also encourages students to participate in exhibition. This School offers majors in Ceramics, Fiber, Painting, Print making and Sculpture.

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