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Harris Stowe – State University

Harris Stowe State University was established in 1857 and it was founded by the St.Louis Public Schools. This University is located in St.Louis Missouri. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This University proffers 14 Bachelor of Science and each has two levels i.e. lower division level which gives general education foundation and an upper division level, this level has a specific set of professional studies.


Some of the programs are Accounting, Biology includes Pre-medicine, Urban Ecology, Business Administration includes Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing, Criminal justice includes Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Health care Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Science and Computer Technology includes Computer studies, Management Information Systems, Mathematics includes statistics, Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Middle School Education, Professional Interdisciplinary studies, Secondary education and Urban Education which includes Public Administration and Urban studies.

General Education Studies

Harris-Stowe University proffers general education studies which helps inn developing academic skills and Knowledge areas. Academic skills like oral and written communication skills, higher order thinking skills and Knowledge areas. Whereas Knowledge areas includes the social and Behavioral Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, mathematic, biological and physical science. The duration of these programs are 42 credit hour.

Anheuser-Bush School Of business

Harris-stowe University Anheuser-Bush School Of Business proffers Bachelors of science degree in Accounting, Business Administration includes options in entrepreneurship, management and marketing, Health care Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Sciences and Computer technology includes options like Computer studies and management information systems.

Accounting program helps students to establish their career in the field of accounting in a private or non private sector.
Business Administration proffers Solid Education in Business to make a career in Business Field. Their option Entrepreneurship helps students in owning and managing their own business. Management helps students to make their career in the private and non private sector. Marketing program helps students to learn to how to make decisions about product design, quality pricing, advertising etc.

College of Arts and Science

Harris-Stowe University College of Arts and Science proffers five Bachelors Degree Programs in five bachelors Degree programs. Its Curriculum includes general education courses, professional courses and an internship. Programs includes are Biology, Criminal Justice, Professional interdisciplinary Programs, Mathematics and Urban Education.

College of Education

Harris Stowe University College of Education proffers Bachelors of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, Secondary Education and Teacher Certification.

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